Our websites

Concept Heidelberg owns more than 30 websites dedicated to larger Conferences and Congresses but also for diverse GMP/GDP services. Moreover, we also collaborate with associations and manage many members portals.

International Conferences

European API Conference www.api-conference.org
ICH Q7 Compliance Week www.ichq7-week.org
European GMP Conference www.gmp-conference.org
European Microbiology Conference www.microbiology-conference.org



API Compliance Institute www.api-compliance.org
Pharmaceutical Consulting Alliance
GMP Consulting


Interest Groups

ECA Academy www.gmp-compliance.org
European QP Association www.qp-association.eu
Pharmaceutical Microbiology Group www.pharmaceutical-microbiology.org
Austrian QP Association www.austria-qp.at
German QP Association www.german-qp.de
European GDP Association
Validation Group www.validation-group.org
Visual Inspection Group www.visual-inspection.org
Data Integrity & IT Compliance Group www.it-compliance-group.org
ATMP Group www.atmp-group.org
Analytical Quality Control Group www.analytical-quality-control-group.org
Cannabis Group  


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