GMP and GDP eLearning

GMP eLearning offers the possibility to provide cost-efficiently the basics of GMP and GDP requirements to new employees and external collaborators. This is the basis for a GMP/GDP qualification.

Beside a webcast-based system which delivers GMP contents, Concept Heidelberg has extended its service portfolio on 1st October 2011 to the GMP eLearning System of MediaVision. Through this acquisition, Concept Heidelberg will be able to provide pharmaceutical and API manufacturers with GMP eLearning courses available with a company licence. More than 300 companies in 30 countries already use the system. What makes the eLearning courses unique is the availability in 12 languages.

11 Sprachen

As the programme is available online (through a media server), you only need to open the Internet browser  Internet Explorer to start a session. In a word, you can use the GMP eLearning system at each desk in your company. No need for local setup. The licences are available for a whole site without limitation regarding the number of participants.

The connection to Training Management Software like PharmSchul® is possible.