In-house Training

GMP/GDP training on site

On behalf of the ECA Academy we also specifically develop In-house training for you and your company. These training courses are conducted on site – taking into account your individual requirements and ideas. GMP/GDP training on site is the ideal complement to the "open GMP training".

These training courses concentrate on an overview over the comprehensive national and international regulations as well as on relevant GMP guidances in your environment. What is exactly defined? Where is interpretation allowed? What process is common and accepted? What is mandatory and what is too much?

By answering these questions we facilitate applying GMP on a day-to-day basis, promote understanding for following GMP regulations and foster a positive attitude towards GMP. Discussing current issues also makes your staff become aware of GMP regulations and solves actual problems.

The programme also takes into account site specific issues or instructions (SOPs) as well as current causes. As a result, you will receive an individual training whose form, content and level is exactly tailored to the target audience – even considering group dynamics. Ideally, a group is comprised of 20 individuals, but should definitely not exceed 30.

Our GMP/GDP in-house training differentiates Basic and Special Trainings. While Basic Training provides fundamentals, Special Training helps to advance knowledge or to gain knowledge in one specific area.

The following trainings are available:

  • Pharmaceutical Production
  • API Production
  • Quality Control
  • Pharmaceutical Development
  • Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Storage
  • Administration
  • Validation
  • Computer Validation
  • Inspection Preparation

Please see a list of all currently offered in-house training courses.